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Meet Our Team

Our team is built around a central objective: our clients’ success. 

With talent and expertise across investments, research, technology, and other critical areas, we have organized ourselves so that each group can focus, without distractions, on its respective promise to our clients. Together with our business partners, Matte & Associates Financial Solutions has received numerous awards over the years helping our clients including Manulife Financial’s highest honour, the Five Star Master Builder.

If you are in need of financial solutions or advice, we are here to assist you. Please contact Matte & Associates Financial Solutions today to set up an appointment.

What Our Clients Are Saying


Maurice Matte, BBA  Photo
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Maurice Matte, BBA

President, Account Representative

Maurice Matte, BBA 

President, Life Insurance Agent - M.J. Matte & Associates Inc.
Account Representative - Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc.

Maurice graduated from Simon Fraser University in the Faculty of Business. He completed a double concentration in Finance and Management Information Systems.

Maurice began his career in the financial services industry within one of Canada’s chartered banks. He soon realized that the objectives of the bank and those of the clients he was serving were not compatible so he looked for an opportunity where he could help serve the needs of clients without constraint. That search led Maurice to seek a career where he could carefully match clients’ needs with appropriate financial solutions. As a result, he sought to start his own financial advisory practice through the sponsorship of Manulife Financial in 1995.

Maurice worked very long hours to build his practice and within a few short years he became one of Kelowna’s well-recognized and respected financial advisors. In 2009, he was one of the youngest Manulife-sponsored advisors to achieve the very special Five Star Master Builder award. Maurice has also achieved the Pinnacle level of recognition with Manulife, which is reserved for less than 1% of all advisors under contract.  Manulife has consistently awarded Maurice for his work at the annual Tradition of Excellence celebrations. Please refer to our “Awards and Accolades” page for more information. Maurice attributes realizing these tremendous milestones to the ongoing strength and support of his best friend (his wife, Isabel), mentorship from some of the best minds in the business, a strong personal faith, true friendships, the hard work ethic he learned from his father, and his keen desire to serve the needs of others.

Maurice has worked in many volunteer capacities over the years through his local Catholic Church community and other organizations.

In Maurice’s words…. “The driving forces in my life are Faith, my wife Isabel, and our three children, now young adults (Brian, Christopher, and Celina). I have learned that I am most fulfilled when serving the needs of others. I am told that I have the gift of relating to people in matters of trust and finding creative solutions for difficult challenges. Aside from my faith and family, I’ve been blessed to have a network of mentors and friends who’ve helped me grow personally and professionally. No matter what cards we’re dealt, I believe that attitude is the key to success in life. I am passionate about fairness, logic, the study of philosophy, and the principle: “pay-it-forward”. When I’m not working in a financial advisory capacity, I enjoy family activities, volunteering, fishing, grouse hunting, camping, boating, and travelling.

Brad Wendt, BBA Photo
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Brad Wendt, BBA

Investment Funds Advisor

Brad Wendt, BBA

Investment Funds Advisor - Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc.
Life Insurance Advisor - M.J. Matte & Associates Inc.

Working with people, giving back and building lasting relationships were all essential factors when choosing a career. Helping clients reach their dreams or goals is the ultimate reward whether saving for a trip, a first home, post-secondary education for family members or ultimately retiring before they ever thought possible. Brad’s focus is not solely on investment returns but he also gives attention to incorporating all aspects of a clients’ financial picture in order to formulate a tailor-made solution, focusing on investment structures that are the most tax efficient and ensure financial soundness over the long term.

Entrepreneurship runs generations deep in Brad’s family. A strong work ethic was instilled from an early age with the family motto of “hard work pays off”. This early immersion into business grew Brad’s interest and passion for finance. Brad has known Maurice Matte for many years and, in fact, Brad’s first job was at one of Maurice’s businesses, Mission Super Wash. Brad’s curiosity about the financial world led to frequent discussions with Maurice and, as a result, he began job shadowing Maurice at Matte and Associates in Grade 10. By the time post-secondary considerations came around, the passion and interest had grown and there was only one consideration – the financial services industry.

Education is very important to Brad and, as the industry is continually evolving, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. Brad currently holds the FPSC Level 1 designation. Born and raised in Kelowna, Brad wanted to continue living and working in the valley so Okanagan School of Business was selected, offering the best possible education and allowing him to remain deeply involved in the local community.

The entrepreneurial bug bit after Brad worked at Maurice’s carwash – he opened his own automotive detailing company, B-rad Detail, at the age of 13. The business grew and ultimately funded his university education, bringing him even closer to his goal of being a financial advisor. B-rad Detail was built exclusively on referrals, affirming Brad’s great customer service, outstanding attention to detail and excellent communication – all traits he has brought into the practice. He would regularly work on high end, exotic and classic vehicles and his detail work can still be seen at many car shows and in private collections. If you ask really nicely, he may even detail your car on his day off!

Joining the Matte & Associates practice has allowed Brad to offer a value-added benefit, the expertise of the entire award-winning team! As a young advisor, Brad looks forward to creating a lasting relationship with his clients that spans through to their retirement.

In Brad’s time off, you will find him at local car events around the province or working on cars in his garage. He also has a passion for the outdoors – hiking, camping, snow sports in the winter and water sports in the summer and regularly enjoys all of these activities, and more, alongside his friends and family.

Chris Matte, BBA  Photo
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Chris Matte, BBA

Mutual Funds Representative

Chris Matte, BBA

Mutual Funds Representative - Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc. 


Chris Matte is a Financial Advisor at Matte & Associates Financial Solutions, a family owned and operated boutique wealth management firm in Kelowna, BC. As a young advisor, Chris looks forward to establishing lasting relationships with his clients that span through to their retirement. This rapport allows him to create financial strategies tailored to their evolving goals and needs with quick personalized service that is only a phone call away. 

Early into his career, Chris discovered how the financial services industry, in general, tends to push clients into products that are not suitable for them. He experienced many individuals whose finances were spread thin among several institutions, held with both professionals and self-directed accounts, and provided little guidance and attention. Given this, he found that most people were not set up very well with their debt, investments, and insurance. As an advisor, Chris goes far beyond simply recommending and implementing a product. His goal is to holistically manage all aspects of his clients’ finances and educate them on the best products in the market so that they understand why and how they are benefiting, feel secure in their decisions, and develop a deeper understanding of wealth management. 

A comical story Chris likes to share is when he first told his dad, Maurice, that he would run the firm… He was only three years old! He remembers confidently exclaiming from the backseat of the car that he had the business covered should his dad die. Many years later and keeping to his word, Chris started working at Matte & Associates in 2016 where he learned the business from the ground up under the mentorship of the firm’s founder. 

Chris had a unique path into the financial services industry. Unlike most financial advisors, Chris was able to learn the back end of the business in its entirety as he gained experience in guiding the administrative team, processing transactions, and supporting retirement and investment plans. Chris was later awarded the Presidents Entrance Scholarship at the Okanagan School of Business where he completed his Bachelor of Business and Administration degree while continuing to work at Matte & Associates. During this time, Chris also completed his licensing for both insurance and investments via the Canadian Securities Course (CSC) and the Life License Qualification Program (LLQP). From there, Chris made a seamless transition into his advisership role at the firm upon completion of his degree in 2020 and is now working enthusiastically alongside his father Maurice Matte and fellow advisor, Brad Wendt. Ultimately, this path of education and experience makes Chris a well-rounded and skilled advisor because of the in-depth product knowledge, leadership, and business management experience he gained through his early years at one of Manulife’s top performing firms. 

Outside of the office Chris is an adventure seeker with a passion for the outdoors. He regularly enjoys hiking, golfing, camping, dirt biking, snowmobiling, and skiing. He can be found doing this and more alongside his friends and family throughout the beautiful Okanagan Valley where he was born and raised. Chris is also a skilled guitar player and loves exploring local wineries and patios.