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What Our Clients Are Saying


As a new investor, and after hearing stories about investing scams, I felt intimidated and nervous about trusting someone with my hard-earned money. A family friend recommended Matte and Associates to me.  I originally spoke with Mike, who made me feel at ease right from the start. He went out of his way to get to know me, even visiting me in the city where I reside. He understood my needs, explained the market in a way I could understand and kept me informed about the ever-changing markets.  Since then I have been working with Brad, who has taken over Mike’s book of business. He has proven to be very knowledgeable and an asset to the Matt and Associate team. I feel confident I am getting the same knowledge and expertise from Brad as we move forward building a great working relationship. He answers my questions, eases my concerns and shares good investment strategies with me. I am happy with the gains my investments have made and will continue to work with Brad in the future.  I feel Matte and Associates exemplifies honesty and integrity in how they conduct their business.  Thank you for making me feel at ease. You have earned my trust.

M & V

Maurice Matte’s services were recommended to us by a friend who has been a client of Maurice’s for over 20 years and like him we have not been disappointed.  What has particularly pleased us is the broad scope of insight and advise Maurice gives including the place real estate plays in a balanced portfolio.  The returns on our investments to date are outstanding and his emphasis on preserving capital is most reassuring.  His staff are a pleasure to deal with.  We unreservedly commend Maurice Matte and his team to you.

Pat S.

Over the years I have known Maurice Matte, I have been extremely impressed with the quality of advice on investment and estate planning, the performance of the investments, and the proactive tax strategies that Maurice has provided to both myself and my clients. It is great to work with someone as knowledgeable and professional as Maurice. I would not hesitate to refer clients, friends and family to Matte and Associates.

T. Smithwick

I have been blessed over the past 15 years plus with a financial advisor who I can trust. I know my investments are safe and earning a good return. I know that the advice that I receive is in my best interests, as opposed to the interests of the advisor or investment company. I know that the advice that I receive will keep me within my risk tolerance. The reason I feel this confidence and comfort is because Maurice Matte is my advisor.

D. D

Maurice had been providing Retirement and Estate planning for my in-laws as far back as the late 1990’s. I became aware of him at that time because my In-Laws liked to ask my opinion of what Maurice was proposing to them, since I was a Commercial Banker for over 35 years and am very conservative and risk adverse in nature. Maurice listened to my in-laws wishes and placed the funds he had on deposit for them in secure investments, which provided a relatively good return (even in times of fluctuating markets) and also provided a source of income.

W. S.

Maurice has been a valued client of our financial institution for over 14 years. As a lender I have had the pleasure of interacting with Maurice and his group of companies since 2004. Maurice handles all his financial affairs in an exemplary manner, and when it comes to completing complex commercial transactions, Maurice works with our financial institution from a business partner perspective, not just a client perspective. It is a pleasure knowing and doing business with Maurice Matte, his companies, and his family.