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Who We Help

Make Better Decisions with Holistic Financial Solutions & Advice

Holistic financial solutions identifies and takes into consideration the entirety of a client’s financial situation both present and future. When the client receives completely inclusive or complete holistic advice, they are far better able to make decisions that insure that their total objectives are more realistically obtained. In the past, far too many advisors and their clients took a far more narrowly focused approach to the financial road-map. Each consideration was held out and dealt with separately. One by one increments or facets of a person’s finances would be analyzed and dealt with as a singular unit. In the end, it was felt that all the pieces would fall together correctly, and they often did.

With holistic financial solutions however, all aspects of client’s finances, goals, lifestyle and ideals are brought together at once and analyzed. A much bigger picture is viewed, if you will, and other peripheral aspects and factors such as client’s principles are entered into the equation as well.

Holistic financial solutions begin with a deep understanding of a client and their situation. This process cannot be quantified, nor is there a start or an end date. It is an ongoing process of discovery between the client and their advisor. This secondary stage would be the strategy recommendation stage where all of the data gathered is used to formulate an inclusive and objective strategy that takes all into account. In this stage, the client’s objectives and goals are prepared and laid out with a focus on creating wealth, debt management, estate planning and of course risk.

The final phase of the holistic financial solution process involves the monitoring/review process. As previously indicated, this a continuous and ongoing function in which benchmarks the applied overall plans outcomes and performance levels, factored against the clients perceived goals and objectives.


At Matte and Associates Financial Solutions, we count ourselves fortunate to work with a great variety of clients. We work with many individuals and families to help them achieve their financial goals.

Individuals & Families

As advisors, we work with our clients in the areas they feel need improvement. One of the areas we work with clients on is defining their goals in the first place. It is very hard to hit a target you don’t even know is there.

Most of the anxiety that people feel towards money is outwardly expressed as “not having enough”. We often help define “enough for what?” If we don’t understand something, and feel that it is out of our locus of control, we will never be comfortable about it. We strive to help it all make sense for our clients. 

Our clients feel some of the greatest value we provide to them is to be a sounding board as financial decisions need to be made. How to structure their debt, tax efficiency, and investment choices were mentioned by clients when asked what areas we have helped them most. Please see our testimonials page and read what people have been saying about us. We are very proud of the work we do for our clients, and the results speak for themselves.


At Matte and Associates Financial Solutions, we have a wide array of large and small corporate clients and their advisory needs vary accordingly.

Our extensive experience is particularly helpful in guiding owners and senior management through business planning processes while striving to balance the needs of all parties – owners, shareholders and employees are impacted by the decisions that are made.

Once we have listened and gathered the crucial data, analyzed and evaluated the current financial status and gained a clear understanding of the clients’ needs and goals, we then assess the suitability of a variety of planning tools and make reasoned recommendations suited to their situation. We want to help ensure both short and long term goals are met.

Establishing a solid financial foundation is paramount to the long term viability of the organization – we work together with business leaders to take a holistic approach to retirement planning, implementing and executing the agreed upon recommendations. We help our client leaders to understand what it takes to achieve their goals, keep profitability in check with vision and values, save for capital purchases, unexpected expenses and low income periods, become less reactive to changes in the economy and, last but not least, balance business goals with personal and family commitments.

Charities & Non-Profits

Matte and Associates Financial Solutions has provided investment advice and management services to charities and non-profit organizations for twenty years. Our collaborative experience with clients gives us a solid understanding of, and appreciation for, the challenges faced in balancing public interest activities with the preservation and distribution of assets.

Our team has up-to-date knowledge on reporting standards and well-rounded experience of the unique needs of charities and non-profit organizations. While these clients vary greatly in size, scope and focus, they alike in many ways – finance and audit concerns, meeting financial objectives and goals efficiently and in a timely manner, establishing an investment policy, building a financial reserve and so much more.