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Planning a trip?  Thumbnail

Planning a trip?

Here’s what to know about travel insurance before you book. The joyful anticipation of planning a getaway can be hard to beat. You’ve picked a destination and now it’s time to book flights, hotels and attractions.

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Introducing Manulife Wealth  Thumbnail

Introducing Manulife Wealth

Important things are happening at Manulife Securities, soon to be known as Manulife Wealth, and we want to make sure you’re aware of the changes that will be occurring in the new year.

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A Cup Half Full  Thumbnail

A Cup Half Full

It has been a challenging year across many metrics, and I thought it might be time for something a little more positive than we’ve been seeing around the globe and with investment and housing markets these days. We’re living in a world that seems to revel in a state of permanent crisis, but this doesn’t have to define us!

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Market Update: Q3 2023 Thumbnail

Market Update: Q3 2023

The markets have been volatile recently because inflation has not declined as expected, and interest rates remain high. Investors had thought central banks would have started discussing interest rate cuts by now, but that has yet to happen.

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