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Short-termism and market timing is not a winning strategy in the long run Thumbnail

Short-termism and market timing is not a winning strategy in the long run

As we move into the final quarter of 2023, investors are facing some unique opportunities that require a fresh approach to portfolio management.

In the video below, Frances Donald, Global Chief Economist and Strategist, Multi-Asset Solutions Team at Manulife Investment Management, shares her team’s insights about the challenges of 2023 and the uncertain investment environment they have led to.   

Here's a quick recap:

  1. Inflation – Inflation has slowed globally compared to the previous year; however, it remains a significant concern as we navigate our way back to a more tolerable rate. Expect some market ups and downs as Central banks try to hit their targets.
  2. Interest Rates – Higher rates are here to stay. While this is challenging for the economy, it presents intriguing opportunities for income-focused portfolios.
  3. Portfolios – Constructing portfolios with resilience is key to success in this (and any!) market environment. The goal is to build portfolios that can thrive regardless of the economic landscape.

Contact us today to review your portfolio and ensure your investments are prepared for whatever the future holds!


The advisory team at Matte & Associates Financial Solutions

Source: https://www.manulifeim.com/retail/ca/en/landing-page/resilient-solutions#navigating-uncertainty