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Mission Hill Winery Kelowna

The Mission Hill Winery in West Kelowna was founded with an intention to change the future of wines. It is located at the heart of BC’s Okanagan Valley. There is no award that Mission Hill hasn’t acquired to its name for the best wines, stunning architecture and mesmerizing setting.

Mission Hill Winery Kelowna has also earned a great name for being a Terrace restaurant that houses the view of mountains, lakes and lush orchards. Hence, this sets up the natural ambience for people who wish to enjoy wines at this place. The owner, Anthony von Mandl, proposed this set-up to celebrate the culture of wine, food and art.

The Tastings Experiences- by Mission Hill Winery

The family of this winery hub invites the customers and tourists to enjoy the crafted wines, food pairings and explore the architecture of this hub. There is a sommelier to guide you with the tastings, and you will realize the seasonal tweaks in the best of their wines.

As per COVID guidelines, all the tourists or residents, who intend to take the journey of tasting experiences, must have vaccination evidence with them. There are different pre-planned tasting packages prepared for you to take the essence of the best-class wines and foods at this Winery.

The Types of Wines

There are different categories or types of wines available with Mission Hill Winery located in the City of Kelowna BC. There are numerous wines listed in each of the categories that you can shop from their website. To give you a glimpse, here are the different types of wines that they have to offer:

  1. The Reserve Collection- It expresses the extreme viticulture management, lees stirring, longer time in barrel, and hand-picked grape blocks. The taste shows the distinctiveness of this Okanagan Valley wine from the others.
  2. The Terroir Collection- The stocks of this collection are very limited, as only 3% of all the estate fruit is used for making these wines.
  3. The Legacy Collection- It is the ultimate collection of Mission Hill Winery that expresses the best of Okanagan Valley winery. The wines within this collection are cellar-worthy, collectibles and are limited. This collection has flagship wines for you!

Apart from the categories and types, some of the exotic selling wines of Mission Hill Winery are:

  1. Bordeaux Blend Red
  2. Rare Blend Red
  3. 2020 Reserve Sauvignon Blanc
  4. 2019 Reserve Merlot
  5. Chardonnay
  6. 2020 Reserve Riesling Organic
  7. Oculus
  8. Perpetua
  9. Quatrain
  10. Compendium
  11. Vidal, etc.

They Host your Private Events!

Yes, you can get your weddings or other special events hosted at Mission Hill Winery, Kelowna, BC. They have enormous venues such as Outdoor Courtyard, Culinary Theatre, Visitor’s Centre, the Loggia, Chagall Room, and other outdoor areas with the view of lakes & the valley.

Hence, this is one of the best destinations in all of Kelowna for organizing your big and special events. Exploring the wines is just the cherry on top!


Mission Hill Winery has earned its 5th title for being the Winery of the Year at National Wine Awards. They have represented the best-quality wines and have a goal to continue doing the same.

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