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Exclusive Market Update Webinar Thumbnail

Exclusive Market Update Webinar

Last week we heard from some of Canada’s leading experts in the field of macroeconomics and investment management during a private webinar with clients, friends, and family of Matte & Associates. Manulife specialists, Kevin Headland and Jonathan Popper, shared their insights into the state of the economy and the investment market, and answered some of our clients' burning questions.

Kevin is the Co-Chair of Manulife’s Portfolio Advisory Group and kicked off the Zoom call with a series of hard-hitting analogies and compelling data sets of how today’s market conditions compare to what we’ve seen happen throughout history. As a “meteorologist for the markets”, Kevin reminded us that while trying to predict the unpredictable, like the weather or the market, there are no guarantees BUT there is our experience, education, research, and data which give us a strong idea of where things are going and with what level of probability. 

Here are a few of his important reminders as we remain prudent and patient with our investment strategies:


  • Investing is like a road trip – the destination is fun, but it takes time to get there and there will be unexpected pitstops along the way 
  • There is a reason why the windshield of a car is bigger than the rearview mirror – although it is important to look back, it is more important to pay attention to where we are going  
  • Economic cycles are like the innings of a baseball game – the game isn’t over yet, we may go into extra innings 
  • We rely on pilots to get us to our destination – like investing, every plane ride experiences some degree of turbulence, but we trust our pilots, advisors, and managers to get us there safely
  •   Investing should be like watching paint dry – don’t try to time or jump on the hottest topic, it is about high-quality investments over the long-term time   

Next, we heard from Jonathan Popper who is one of the Senior Portfolio Managers for Manulife’s Essential Equity Team. He attributes the team’s 25-year track record of managing almost 30 billion in investment assets to their decades of experience working as a tight-knit group and utilizing a process that has remained unchanged since the team was founded. As a result, their portfolios have outperformed across all types of markets and continue to be some of our most highly recommended funds. Jonathan also took the initiative to share his personal investment strategies and how he and his team are aligned with the same recommendations we make for you and our families, meaning he personally invests in the funds his team manages. Learn more about the Essential Equity Team HERE

Maurice Matte concluded the event by reminding clients that they are already ahead of the curve by employing professionals such as Kevin, Jonathan, and the team at Matte & Associates to manage their investments. Markets are continually changing and understanding how or if it affects you can be overwhelming, making the value of advice more important now than ever.  

Although the video conference was open exclusively to clients of Matte & Associates, we welcome you to share the VIDEO REPLAY with friends and family who you believe may benefit from the presentation. Our team is open to establishing new professional relationships with your friends and family who may not be experiencing the level of service and expertise they need at this important and consequential time in our financial lives. Don’t hesitate to have them reach out to us if needed. We look forward to providing peace of mind and valuable insights about where it may assist their financial journey.  

Yours truly, 

The team at Matte & Associates