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How much does life insurance really cost? Thumbnail

How much does life insurance really cost?

Did you know, life insurance has become cheaper in recent years?

In fact, it is typically less than your car insurance premium! Many factors go into the price of life insurance including, age, health status, gender, smoking status, and product type. Please see the life insurance scenario below as an example and click the link to get your free life insurance quote! 

A 40-year-old client and his wife of the same age recently purchased a home and have a $500,000 mortgage owing with 20 years amortization. These clients wished to protect their family, ensuring they could remain in their home, if either of them was to pass away unexpectedly. This Term 20 life insurance coverage only costs the clients $76 per month!

Do you know what life insurance would cost for you? 

Free quote: manuliferates.com/ 


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