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Medical Risk-Management Thumbnail

Medical Risk-Management

Did you know that before the age of 65, a 40 year old male has a…

  • 6% chance of dying 
  • 33% chance of becoming disabled
  • 26% chance of getting diagnosed with a critical illness

These events can have a drastic impact on your plans. It's amazing how just one year of missed contributions to your goals can effect your retirement income; especially, if you have to dip into your savings!

Do you have a plan that would allow you to take a full year to recover without worrying about your finances? 

We are able to provide peace of mind for your goals, retirement, and family knowing your risks are covered should you become ill. 

The application process is simple and quick. If you’re an owner operator incorporated, sole breadwinner of a family, or someone who is a little late to start a plan, let’s discuss your options and safeguard your future. 


Chris Matte

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