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Mortgage Insurance vs. Life Insurance Thumbnail

Mortgage Insurance vs. Life Insurance

Do you have expensive mortgage insurance? You can save money!

Are you missing out on savings with your expensive mortgage insurance? Did you know it is better to insure your outstanding mortgage with an insurance company and not your mortgage lender? Not only is mortgage Insurance more expensive but it is far less efficient compared to an insurance company’s coverage.

At Matte & Associates Financial Solutions we have access to the full product offerings from all major insurance companies, Including, Life, Disability, and Critical Illness insurance. In fact, we can combine all three of those products into one full coverage policy still cheaper than your existing mortgage insurance. This would ensure that in the case of an illness or death your family and your home are protected!

A life insurance policy is…

  • A fraction of the price
  • Owned by YOU not the bank
  • Gives you greater control and flexibility
  • Covers more than just your mortgage

If you have mortgage insurance with a bank or lender, we can save you money! Call, book a meeting, or email to learn more about your options at no cost!


Chris Matte