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Plan for the Unexpected: Critical Illness Thumbnail

Plan for the Unexpected: Critical Illness

A sound financial Strategy incorporates strong risk management tactics. 

How would your portfolio be affected if you developed an illness and fell behind on your goals? An illness can have a major impact on your retirement goals, and it happens more commonly than you would think.

Utilizing a critical illness policy, we can cover one year’s income if you are diagnosed with a serious illness. This allows you to take the necessary time off work to focus on recovery and, ultimately, protects your financial strategy. We can also add a rider onto the plan that will give you all of your money back at the end of the term if you don’t claim the benefit.

Many people wait until the last minute to finally come up with a financial roadmap, and they often don’t account for a hiccup like missing a year of work. It pays to have foresight to protect against the unexpected. Review your risk management strategy today!

Yours truly,

Chris Matte


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