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🎓 Scholarship Winner! Thumbnail

🎓 Scholarship Winner!

We are thrilled to award the 5th annual $1,000 Matte & Associates Post-Secondary Scholarship to Anna Hopley!  

Anna is an Immaculata graduate who will be heading away to university this fall to pursue a four-year undergraduate degree in kinesiology. Afterwards, she is looking to continue her education in the field of physiotherapy with the goal of one day owning her own clinic and specializing in pediatrics.  

As part of the scholarship application, Anna submitted an essay on what financial responsibility means to her. She shared with us unique perspectives, insights, and experiences that demonstrated awareness and maturity beyond her age. We particularly loved how Anna spoke of the importance of experiences and relationships over materialistic items and we are impressed with the observations and conversations she has exposed herself to with respect to financial responsibility.  

Here are a few excerpts from her essay that really stood out to us: 

  • “Financial responsibility is being smart with your money in order to avoid debt, be able to pay your bills, and successfully save for future goals or unexpected obstacles that may occur in life.”
  • “Many people think that you have to be very wealthy to be financially responsible but that’s not true... if you are financially savvy and make time for goal setting so you are well aware of what you are saving for, you can be financially responsible.”
  • “Family, friendships, and fun together is free. Instant savings!” 

Anna also shared with us that she has been proudly saving for her post-secondary education since grade 10, knowing that attending university away from home comes with significantly more expenses. Her desire to attend a school with an excellent kinesiology program, lots of tradition and school spirit, and the opportunity to become more mature, resourceful, and independent by branching out on her own fueled her ability to save and create a plan for this future. Anna is excited to put what she has learned to the test next year and is interested to see how she would answer the question of what financial responsibility means to her one year from now.  

Anna, we wish you all the best as you embark on this new journey and look forward to hearing about your experiences!

To our other applicants, we appreciate the stories and learnings you shared with us. From the part time jobs you’ve worked, to the places you’ve lived, and the people you’ve learned from, we are proud of the financial awareness you have developed at such a young age.  

Thank you and congratulations from the team at Matte & Associates!