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‘We liked the volatility’: Why inflation means opportunities Thumbnail

‘We liked the volatility’: Why inflation means opportunities


Inflation has been causing concern for policy makers and consumers alike, but for Manulife Investment Management’s Patrick Blais, it represents a clear investment opportunity. As the head of the Fundamental Equity Team at Manulife, Blais believes that there are companies that have been undervalued despite the risk of inflation, as well as names with strong pricing power that have reasonable valuations worth considering. Blais and his team focus on identifying discounted and overlooked companies that possess the optimal risk-return profiles, facilitate portfolio diversification, and have the potential to benefit from a rising market while also providing protection from potential losses. In this article featured by Manulife Investment Management, Blais discusses how his team’s meticulous research and modelling process has been producing enviable results over the past decade, and how they have been able to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the current economic environment. Click the button below to learn more! 

Why Inflation Means Opportunities


Patrick Blais | Senior Portfolio Manager, Fundamental Equity Team, Manulife Investment Management

Source: https://www.manulifeim.com/retail/ca/en/viewpoints/equity/we-liked-the-volatility-why-inflation-means-opportunities?cid=MIM_GWAM_CA-EN_IR_WEX_ResilientSolutions_BRAND_CX_STAND_-_Equities_-_AWCTR&utm_source=WEX&utm_medium=IR&utm_campaign=FreeText&utm_term=BRAND_CX_STAND_-_Equities_-_AWCTR