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What is it like working with Matte & Associates? Thumbnail

What is it like working with Matte & Associates?

Every financial advisor is different 

It is important both the advisor and client are a good fit for each other. So, what is it like working with Matte & Associates?

New clients come by referral only 

This is a testament to the work we have done for our clients throughout the years. We provide great service for our clients. In turn, they are pleased with what we have done for them and tell their friends and family. Instead of working hard to find new clients we focus on doing the best we can to service our existing clients. 

Independently Brokered

We have access to major investment and insurance companies across the country. This flexibility allows us to match client’s needs with creative and appropriate financial solutions as there are zero incentives to choose one product over another.

Personalized service

When you call our firm, the entire team knows who you are and understands your financial situation, goals, and dreams for the future. You get the whole advisory and administrative teams working for you and will never feel like just a number. 

We are a successful office and don’t neeD your business

Since our office does very well, we don’t need to sell you on our products or services to generate revenue. This allows us to suggest portfolio diversification strategies where we receive no commission at all! It is all about what is best for you, the client.

Let’s sit down and see if we are a good fit!

Chris Matte