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Matte & Associates is excited to announce our 5th annual $1,000 scholarship for post-secondary education. This amazing opportunity offers students in our community financial assistance to pursue their academic goals. 

To be eligible you must:

  • Be enrolled in a university, college, or a recognized trade school for the Fall 2022 semester.
  • Be a Grade 12student related to a client of our firm OR from Immaculata High School. 
  • Write an essay explaining “What Financial Responsibility Means to Me” (1,000 word maximum).

To apply:

  1. Email a copy of your essay to info@matteandassociates.com
  2. Complete the Application Form below  

DEADLINE: May 31st, 2022

The scholarship winner will be announced and profiled on our website and social media accounts in June following the graduation ceremonies!

Congratulations to our past winners!

2016: Nathan Ziebart

"Becoming self-sufficient is a responsibility we owe ourselves so that other do not have to continue providing for us as adults."

2017: Zackery Plaxton & Andrew Gorges

"The basic importance of financial responsibility is looking away from today and towards tomorrow to make sure your needs will be met." - Zackery

"We have no power to control [financial emergencies], only the power to be prepared for when it does happen." - Andrew

2018: Katrina Routley

"Most of my friends have everything handed to them and I began working twenty-hour work weeks at the age of fourteen."

2019: Calvin Thalheimer

"Financial responsibility has allowed me to better appreciate things in life, to grow closer with my dad, to plan for my future, and develop into a positive member of society."