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Kangaroo Farm Kelowna

Kangaroo Farm at Kelowna is yet another amazing spot for tourists to cover. It is one of the options that cannot be skipped at all. If you have kids along with you on your tour, they would love to see some kangaroos hopping. It will give them an amazing experience, and they can relate to what they earlier saw on National Geography or Cartoon channels.

This farm is home to many kangaroos and wallabies. There are no fences on the way, and you have the right to enter their atmosphere. All the animals inside the farm are friendly and very much calm. Kangaroos are fascinating animals, and when you visit this farm, you will eventually know more about their personality.

Everything About The Kangaroo Creek Farm

The Kangaroo Farm is located at the Old Vernon Road, Kelowna City. The farm is open 7 days a week from 10 AM to 3 PM. On weekends and holidays, there are more tourists, and they love to explore the farm.

The cost of visiting the farm is $12+GST for adults, $6+GST for the children & youth, $6+GST for senior citizens, and free for children under 4 years. There is no necessity of buying the tickets in advance, as you can do that on the spot.

The things that you can do at the Kangaroo Farm Kelowna are:

  • Enjoy the appeal of domestic and exotic animals and birds around the natural ambiance, without any fences.
  • You can go close to a Joey kangaroo and caress it. In fact, you can also get a picture clicked with the kangaroos. There will be a guide for you who will instruct you about the gentle process of petting them.
  • There are certain activities conducted at high seasons, such as visiting reptiles or face painting.

The farm has four species of macropods that include the largest Red Kangaroo and the smallest Dama Wallaby. Along with that, the farm is also home to Wallaroos and Bennett Wallabies. The trained guides will offer you free treats to feed the kangaroos.

The guides will be present across the farm at all times to keep an eye on the animal activities with humans. Even though the kangaroos are friendly, the guides are still trained for all types of situations. They can make the kangaroos strike amazing poses as well to give you a perfect picture.


If you have visited Kelowna or have plans to do so, do not skip this place. From kids to adults to seniors, everyone would love to see these amazing creatures around them.

Kelowna, BC 

Kelowna H20 Recreation Centre