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Kelowna H20 Recreational Centre

Kelowna H20 Recreational Centre is a fitness and adventure hub for the locals and tourists. It is not just a regular fitness center but is a worthy destination for your family to enjoy and have fun with water activities. The adults who intend to give their time to fitness can also do their fitness activities. This centre has a dedicated arena for the same as well.

The facility is operated by the YMCA of Okanagan and is owned by Kelowna BC City. The members offer health coaching, fitness classes, specialty health programs, and others. You can enjoy aquatic fun and functional training at this facility, and it is open to people of all ages.


H2O Recreational Centre is located at Gordon Dr, Kelowna, BC. The size of this recreational space is spread across 12,000 sq. ft. If you have an interest in this recreational hub, you should know what the place has to offer. They are:

  • Two Group Fitness Studios
  • Olympic-size water pool
  • Wave pool
  • Water Slides
  • Flow Rider
  • Tailored Classes for children, seniors, families, and youth.
  • Group fitness classes are available such as TRX, Cycling, Interval Training, Yoga, Zumba, and Strength Training.
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Personal Training Services
  • Health programs
  • Swimming Clubs
  • Childminding services
  • Kid’s camp, etc.

These are just a few of the many things that you are about to get at this recreational center. They have membership plans for different clients with different budgets. Also, there are swimming tournaments being organized at this place. The swimming race is mostly organized on a 50-meter pool or 25-meter pool.

The tournament pool is decided based on the ability and age of the participants. It is to ensure that the stage is impartial for all the participants. These are just fun tournaments with winners and learners and no losers.

They have dedicated classes and PDFs to provide you with proper lessons. You can access their online fitness classes or join the offline schedules. Take the family pool schedules and learn about the childminding hours at their official website.


They have opened their doors for all the tourists and locals who want to enjoy fitness and cherish the water activities. Come visit this place with your family, and you will see how time flies by when you are happy and enjoying.

Reach out to the officials and get your membership or admission at the recreational center to avoid waiting on your visit day.

Kelowna, B.C.

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