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Kelowna Okanagan Lavender Farm and Herb Farm

The Kelowna Okanagan Lavender Farm and Herb Farm is located at 4380 Takla Road, Kelowna BC. It is around the hilly ambiance of the South Kelowna region and has a backdrop of a beautiful lake. One might get awestruck by checking out the valley from this farm.

The farm has been live since 1999 and has paid justice to the seasonal farming hobby. This family farm is carrying out year-round operations. The entire family prefers to work together to cultivate, distill, and transform all plants into award-winning products.

The history of this farm states that this was started by a working family to operate just like a regular farm. But soon, it became a tourist destination, as the garden lovers cherished the location, its ambiance, and its purpose.

Today, this farm is not just a tourist destination but is also offering natural herbs & other such products to the mass audience. They have a full-grown farm with organic products that are good for the earth and the human body.

What Do you Get to See at Okanagan Lavender Farm & Herb Farm?

The Okanagan Lavender Farm & Herb Farm consists of over 60 lavender varieties and 18 aromatic plants & herbs. The lavender varieties are grown, harvested, dried & distilled over the site. It is done to make them applicable for creating botanical products, to add more options to farm boutiques.

When it was launched, people used to call it the Économusée tourist site. Here, the visitors were invited to discover the craft implementations done with the help of hydrosol distillation and essential oil. The garden is spread across a 3-acres land and is humongous to explore.

At certain times of the year, the garden is also made open for people to carry out self-guided and guided tours. There are winding pathways, mesmerizing sculptures, xeriscape gardens, herb show, cedar hedge maze, water features, and many other mesmerizing entities around the farm

The owners of this farm are dedicated to growing toxin-free plants around the garden only!

Products you Get to Use & Cherish at this farm! 

The natural herbs and lavenders grown around in this farm are used in various products that have no chemicals but only the essence of nature. The Kelowna Okanagan Lavender Farm & Herb Farm gives you products for Face Care, Aromatherapy, Bath & Body, Sachets & Stems, and Culinary essentials.

The prices for all these products are pretty much affordable and reasonable. Whether you need black tea, culinary herbs, herbal tea, body salve, syrup, or anything that you think will detox your mind, heart, and body, is available at this farm.

They have a farm boutique that allows you to buy these products live while exploring the farm or from the online store. In the year 2020, their perfume, lip care, and face serum products received recognizable awards.

Hence, if you want to get lost in nature’s paradise, and avail the fruitfulness of it, then Kelowna Okanagan Lavender and Herb Farm is one such tourist destination for you to explore.

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