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Knox Mountain Hiking Trails

Knox Mountain Park is the largest natural park of the City of Kelowna and is located to the immediate north of Downtown Kelowna BC. The park is spread across 367.34 hectares of land and is open to the common public every day between 6 AM to 10 PM daily.

Energetic amenities or activities surround the place to help the public find the peace that they came looking for. The summit of this Knox mountain is around 300 meters above the high-water level of Okanagan Lake.

The lake shoreline surrounds 1400 meters of the western side of the park’s boundary. And the remaining park boundary is all surrounded by the residential setup. The size, location, height and activities are what draw the attention of tourists & residents.

The Hiking Paradise at Knox Mountain Park

There is nothing better than walking into a paradise of mountains, meeting the lake shoreline, and the gardens giving you the best of Okanagan lake views. Also, one of the well-known trails of the Knox Mountain is Paul’s tomb trail, which starts at the upper parking lot of the mountain.

While you hike, you will be open to exploring the silent water of the lake, the beautiful scenery of nature blending with the sky, and a few wild animals as well.

You can go on hiking trails to the top of the mountain. But remember to follow the designated trails for the same. If you miss the trail, then you might end up reaching the water bars or losing your way. There are things that the park authorities want to inform you about before you enjoy the fun and thrill of Knox Mountain Hiking trails.

They say,

  • You need to control your bicycle and prevent it from sliding if you are riding one to the top of the mountains. Sliding will erode the trails, and that is not the right thing to do.
  • In case of heavy rain, it is advised for people not to hike or ride. Refrain yourselves from hiking to the top of the mountain until the trails are dried out.

The Trail Information

Different trails have different difficulties and are stated accordingly by the park authorities. Here is the list of trails available at the Knox Mountain Park for hiking and riding:

  1. Apex Trail- Uphill cycling only- Difficult
  2. Paul’s Tomb Trail- Shared Use- Easy to Difficult
  3. Pavilion Trail- Hiking- Easy
  4. Magic Estates Trail- Hiking, Biking, Cross-Country Cycling, Shared Use- Easy to Difficult
  5. Camelot Trail- Hiking- Easy
  6. Summit Trail- Hiking- Most Difficult
  7. Ogopogo Trail- Hiking- Most Difficult
  8. Boyce Trail- Hiking, Shared Use- Easy
  9. Simpson Trail- Biking- Easy
  10. Shale Trail- Biking- Most Difficult
  11. Lochview Trail- Hiking- More Difficult
  12. Kathleen Lake Trail- Biking, Hiking, Shared Use- Easy to Difficult
  13. Glenmore Ridge Trail- Shared Use- More Difficult
  14. Saddle Trail- Shared Use- Easy
  15. Glenmore Highlands Trail- Shared Use- Easy with Rocky areas

What to Wear for Hiking Trips to Knox Mountain?

You must wear t-shirts, an insulating vest, waterproof jackets, a hat, hiking boots and socks. Keep it as simple as possible to keep yourself warm on those mountains in any season.


So, next time you are out for a hiking trip to Knox Mountain Park, make sure you decide on your trail beforehand. Check with the weather to ensure that it doesn’t rain that day. And you are all set!

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