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Kelowna Golf and Country club

The Kelowna Golf and Country Club is located between the Ponderosa Pine in Kelowna. It is mostly popular for its mesmerizing beauty and maintained game tracks. It is a paradise for the golfers! In fact, it is a semi-private golf club and is a favourable golf course for all the experienced and beginner golfers out there in Kelowna.

Not just locals, but tourists from different parts of the world also prefer to spend their leisure days playing golf. There is more to this Kelowna Golf and Country Club that you need to know before you make up your mind to head out to Kelowna for a golf battle.

The History of Kelowna Golf and Country Club

Kelowna Golf and Country Club were formed back in 1899, and the first game of golf was played that year at Location Kelowna BC. It was played on a 9-hole course near the Memorial Arena and City Hall, as of the present day. In the year 1920, this club's members decided to move it to a new location, at Wollaston Property.

The club comprised of 72 members at that period, and it was the year when they gave their club the name of 'Kelowna Golf Club.' And then there was a decision of making a clubhouse as well, over the golf course. Soon, the funds were arranged, and a new clubhouse was opened.

The lake lot at the centre of the golf course was given away to the Golf Club in the year 1925. It was donated by Okanagan Loan and Investment Co. The club is committed to making all the necessary upgrades to Golf Course with an ideal plan and process. It is to make the games challenging and enjoyable at the course.

Facilities at The Kelowna Golf and Country Club

The facilities at the Kelowna Golf and Country Club include:

  • Pro-Shop- It offers a selection of unique & preferred name headwear, golf apparel, accessories, gifts, and equipment.
  • Tennis- The members can access the tennis courts at the club as well.
  • Dining & Catering- The club has dining facilities as well, where you can enjoy a delicious meal at outdoor spaces, beach lounge, and at St Andrew's Lounge.

Membership at The Kelowna Golf and Country Club

The membership options at the club include:

  • Associate Waiting List Memberships
  • Social Memberships
  • Intermediate Memberships

There is a Junior Membership as well, where the junior members can take part and develop their interest in golf, right from a small age. Currently, there are over 100 active members in this plan.


So, if you have a love for golf, then don't miss out on this amazing golf course and club on your tour to Kelowna.

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