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Kelowna Waterfront Park

The Waterfront Park situated at British Columbia Kelowna is an admirable location for a short walk or scenic amusement. The site has a mesmerizing appeal as it blends with Okanagan Lake. This trail is connected to that of the Rotary Marshes Wildlife Park. Therefore, it might be common for you to witness beavers, herons, or eagles around the place.

The size of this Waterfront Park is 7.41 hectares. Dogs are allowed to this park while they are on a leash! There are immense amenities for the tourists and locals to spend their quality time.

The Facilities or Amenities At the Park!

Waterfront Park is located on Water Street, Kelowna City, and is opposite Grand Hotel. This park, along with all of its amenities, also has washroom facilities and a concession stand for the convenience of the visitors.

The park is alongside the shore of Okanagan Lake and has a wide boardwalk. This boardwalk is meandering along with the bendy and curvy water waves. In addition to that, there are perfect gardens to let people settle down in the greenery.

Moving on, you also get to explore the city views and public art around this Waterfront park. Moreover, you can also cherish the beach setup at this park site to enjoy your quality time. There is a dedicated swimming area marked at the site for people who love to get into the waters.

You can also experience flyboard activity at this park. There are small groups at the park site that are offering flyboard services to tourists and locals. So, if you are keen to fly with a water jet on your feet, then try it out here.

There is a scavenger hunt company that will take you on a ride to give you scenic visuals of the best landmarks around the park. The professionals will guide you to all the hidden gems around the park, and you can learn some amazing facts about the site. There is no better experience than that!

You can book your tickets online to Kelowna. It will not only save you time and but will also help you stay ahead of the crowd.


If you are planning on visiting Kelowna, then get a few hours of your leisure time, and spend it at Waterfront Park. If you have the budget, take a hotel next to it, and have a great time, every evening.

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